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Robert Cadot


Contemporary symbolist approach


Artist since 1975, I achieved hundreds of canvases and many exhibitions done solo and in a group, in Quebec and abroad.

Among the main projects realized so far are:

My actual projects, Flower pots, whirls and other extravagances (since 2008) and Tribute to ukiyo-e (since 2008), explore for the first the movement of fluids in space and the glance at the inner feelings of the flowers in this whirlwind, while the later seeks to pay homage to this flowing and ephemeral world’s evocation as ukiyo-e’s masters knew how to elaborate it.

A thread undoubtedly connects all these projects: a firm intention to open a window on timelessness. Fluid plans, often times fanciful figures, terra incognita, sometimes random geometry thus live in my surfaces like elements of calculations on a board made by hypotheses.

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